Im getting a BMW E60 anything i should be prepared for?

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  • Im getting a BMW E60 anything i should be prepared for?

    I got a sweet deal on a really clean 3 bhk flats in mulund 08 BMW 535xi for 7k it's from a buddy who runs a dealer ship. It has 94k on the obo. It was hit on the right property in mumbai driver door at low speeds the the carfax shows no major damaged over 1k. From driving it it sounds like it should and drives real estate strategy consulting like it should. flats in dadar ( I took it up into the hilly parts of NY the thing corners like a dream) I'm just wondering on what I can do in way as pre-emptive maintenance. He's going to put all new brakes on it before I get it. I was told to run premium gas in it also. Any tips on owning my first BMW would be helpful thanks! luxury old age homes in india

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  • Hi Jacoblobo,

    i am no specialist on Gas engines but i think you should execute at least the default tasks:

    - scan for faultcodes (save result), clean faultcodes if present, drive few miles and rescan (compare to first result)
    - change oil
    - check/change spark plugs

    Be carefull with the manufacturer of the brake parts!
    The bigger E6x vehicles are known as "brake destroyer"... If the disks are bad quality they tend to warp so you will get a shaky car.
    Only use (known) high quality or OEM and start slowly to use them (do not go full throttle and hit the brakes till 0 miles/h in few feet - it will destroy the new disks guaranteed ;) ).

    If he is already touching the brakes it would not harm to change the guidance bushing (rubber / graphite).
    It is known to produce also some shaking at a break maneuver if it is worn out.