My experience with a 2006 E60 M5...

  • I made a comment in some of the other's post and kind felt like I was stepping on toes so I decided to give it it's own thread. About 7 years ago I was driving a nicely modded C5 Z06 and enjoying life's fullest, I drove the shit out of that car. Tracked it, car cross it and had an overall great time. Never a trip to the shop for anything in my 5 years of owning it.
    I heard about the E60 M5 and my commute suddenly got longer. I started researching and found a great deal on a 2006 model. Carmax (Ive bought plenty of higher end cars with no problems) and bought the CNA warranty for Carmax.
    In the first two weeks I noticed the SMG would occasionally result in a very hard jerking shift. I figured it was me shifting at the wrong time. On day 19 of ownership I decided to make some rubber circles in an empty parking lot. One circle, two circle, BAM! No more power steering. The pump had sheared the shaft. No I did it against the stops when steering. Take it into the shop and diagnose the broken shaft on the PS.
    The jerky shifting. free netflix tech news android 9 They ran some diagnostics and discovered the SMG pump which failing. They replaced it with the jerky shifts persisted. They then opened the clutch to what they were. Literally pieces. The throw out was shot, the clutch fork was bent and the clutch itself was fubar. All covered under warranty and 20 minutes to get it out of the shop.
    Fast forward a few months and I start having issues with the HVAC blower. It too was replaced under warranty. Then the active engine failed on the drivers side. Again, replaced under warranty.
    A few months later on the engine is stuttering and throwing codes all over the place. Throttle body controller bank 1 is dead. Replaced under warranty. Two months later, the other controller failed. Replaced under warranty. Over the next year there were some small issues but the car ran pretty well.
    UNTIL. I started getting low oil level lights frequently. Like every couple to a few weeks ago Id be adding a quart. Brough this tot he tech tech who told me to keep track of it and if it persisted they would open a case with BMWNA. Oh, it persisted alright. Can not find any thing wrong so they can get the oil pan and components. This is where shit went south fast. They found a significant amount of metal pieces, shavings and chunks. The internal oil failed and grenaded the engine. The warranty company said they would replace the engine. This is done over the course of a month. Parked next to a dumpster out back (omens)
    They would not put another cent into it. Over my owning over 38K in repairs !! I just got it Corvette Grand Sport, which has just been released. F10 M5. Carmax, with low miles and the FULL Maxcare CNA warranty again. I wish any and all E60 M5 owners the best of luck but that engine, while amazing when it runs correctly, is a ticking time bomb.
    E60 series M5, I know who has had issues with zero issues. I know who had and had similar experiences to mine. They are amazing machines, but I do not feel they are up for DD duty, nor any track time or car cross. Auto-X and the PS fluid boiled over and ruined a perfectly well detailed engine bay.
    I'm now looking at the F10 M5 as mentioned above, I'm just looking at some issues with engine failure. While the CP looks attractive, I think I'm just going to fidn one. It wants to be around 70-80 miles a day and it wants to be used to road trips etc. No track time, no craziness.
    OK, rant mode off.

  • Hi logan77,

    your experiences sound really bad. Never heard about something like that, but I was not searching for probs with the V10. Normally it should be a great piece of german engineering. :P
    How much miles had it in the beginning and in the end? By the way: where are you from?


    @530xit kannst Du den Thread verschieben, z.B. hierhin: M5, Alpina & Schnitzer

  • Sorry, but burnouts and donuts may kill the clutch, but not the engine. Unnecessary to mention that it has a quasi dry sump, so high g-force is not a problem. In his case, it was the power steering which quitted. The SMG was faulty before that, because of... We don't know.
    Maybe he was not kind to the engine and the car all the time, but you don't know it. A Chevy small block and a Corvette need some care, too. ;)


  • Let me get this straight, after all that trouble with a BMW you went to the Dealer and bought the sucessor? Thanks for all the useful information of course- I've heard of some issues with this engine like worn connecting rod bearings every 100k, but not this kind of complete failure of engine and transmission in such a short period of time. Btw, could you tell the mileage of the car?

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